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Company Profile  

CFIh (CFI holding Pte. Ltd.) is an engineering company specializing in the fields of fertilizers, explosives, chemicals and evaporation/crystallization processes. CFIh is the holding company of CFI Group which includes the following business units:
 CFIe (Chemical & Fertilizer Industry engineering), France, around 10 people
• CFIt (CFI technologies Pvt. Ltd.), India, more than 50 people
• CFIa (CFI Africa S.A.R.L.), Tunisia,  more than 35 people
• CFIb (CFI Brazil Projetos Industriais Ltda.), Brazil, less than 10 people
• GIPROHIM CFI, Russia, more than 25 people.

CFIh has been involved as Technology & Process provider and Engineering company for several prestigious projects covering products such as Low Density Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN), ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, NPK, nitrophosphate, sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate plants, and so on. The scope of involvement has been varied for different projects covering the generation of Full Engineering Package, carrying out process reviews and plant audits, recommending formulations and carrying out industrial tests and so on.

The core strength of CFIh lies in its pool of Experts having great experience in design, engineering, management, operation, trouble shooting of various plants in the chemicals, explosives & fertilizer areas. Virtually CFIh is a storehouse of knowledge on process plants starting from concept designs right up to implementation of such projects as well as to their operation and maintenance.

CFIh, a young organization, has the necessary resources with proven credentials to engineer and implement process plants in the chemical and fertilizer sectors. CFIh has already been accepted by major international customers for the engineering of valued projects in the chemical & fertilizer industry based on their human and computer-aided engineering resources and expertise to carry out such engineering to the fullest satisfaction of their customers.
Core Values

Working Together in a fair spirit...
… within CFI Group for

->  Responsiveness
->  Best practices in design & operation
->  Strong teamwork
->  Good communication
->  Respect of customer knowledge & requirements
->  Satisfactory project achievement
…with our experts to
->  Define the most suitable technical solution
->  Guarantee on-field knowledge
->  Offer senior expertise and strong references
…with our agents to

->  Better know targeted markets
->  Develop most suitable project solutions for customers
->  Build-up a long-lasting business relationship with customers
…with our partners to

->  Combine resources and expertise
->  Offer cost effective solutions
->  FulFill all customers’ needs
…with our customers to
->  Fully understand their needs
->  Offer custom-tailored solutions
->  Successfully carry out their projects
->  Create a trust relationship
->  Establishing a long-lasting relationship
All these values govern our own internal relationships, guide our business processes and underpin our relationships with customers.
Technical practices

CFI Group is an independent engineering company.
We always follow best engineering practices in project implementation. Our emphasis is on:
  • Product quality
  • Technical reliability of installations
Our technical practices and processes are compliant with the safety rules in force in the European Union.
We follow safe working procedures and attach importance to employees wellbeing & good behaviour.
Our products and processes are respectful of the environmental rules and regulations.
CFIh is a member of:

IFA  (International Fertilizer Industry Association) AFA (Arab Fertilizers Association) FAI (The Fertiliser Association of India)

EEPC INDIA (Engineering Export Promotion Council)

IFS  (International Fertiliser Society)