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CFI Group and its associated business partners have a vast knowledge and experience in the overall development of global and regional modelling of the mining services sector.

CFI Group is recognised as the premium low density ammonium nitrate (LDAN) technology provider by the global mining industry.

CFI Group has unparalleled knowledge of the major global players in this sector and the companies that are dominant in mining and construction.

CFI Group is committed to work with its customers in time frame to establish the key profitability analysis that will turn the concept into reality.

LDAN is used primarily in ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) explosives and heavy ANFO applications. Heavy ANFO is a mixture of emulsion precursor/explosives with ANFO whereby the mixture ratio can be utilised to vary the final explosive properties to suit the geology of the rock to be blasted. An emulsion is made up of a mixture of an oxidiser phase (water based) and a fuel phase (oil based). These two liquids do not normally mix with one another, as one liquid is oil-based and the other liquid is water-based. When the appropriate emulsifier is present and enough mechanical energy is exerted, the two phases can be blended together.Emulsion explosives are, therefore, prepared in the form of water-in-oil emulsions and CFI Group provides the fully integrated process from oxidiser [AN] solution through to final emulsion in a continuous, safe and low cost technology.

The internal phase of an emulsion is composed of a solution of oxidizer salt suspended as Microscopically fine droplets which are surrounded by a continuous fuel phase. An emulsifying agent stabilizes the emulsion thus formed against liquid separation. Since each microcell of the oxidizer is coated with an oily exterior, the emulsion has excellent water resistance and does not rely on a package for their ability  to function efficiently in water. A bulking agent such as ultra-fine air bubbles or glass microspheres may be then dispersed throughout the basic emulsion matrix, which provides density control and sensitivity. What makes a water-in-oil emulsion particularly efficient is that the major component by weight is mixed into the minor component, This results in a finely dispersed, homogenous mixture, in which the oil phases constitutes the outside or continuous phase. It is this feature that imparts excellent water resistance to emulsion type explosives and contributes to the preference of major explosive users to use CFI Group technologies.


2.1. State-of-the-art technology and engineering

In-house licences, technology, design and engineering with connected services for any type of ammonium nitrate for explosive application, as well as for emulsion:
- AN Solutions
- AN prills
- LDAN prills

Unique, low cost, simple technology for emulsions:
- Emulsion products sensitized in situ.
- Special manufacturing method allowing the base emulsion to be kept as non-explosive material.
- High quality emulsion product.
- Adaptable production rates.
- Low cost continuous manufacturing process.
- Plants designed to work with liquefied AN as purchased raw material or with reactors or stirrer and heated tanks for dissolving prilled AN for solution manufacturing.
- Flexible emulsion plant sizing.

2.2. Technical Support

Technical support is available from experienced experts, chemists and engineers.

CFI Group can perform audits, on-site survey for existing plants but can also carry out feasibility studies for new projects.

Formulation and equipment updates are automatically given with licence agreements. This support includes Licensing Approvals for the local regulatory authorities.