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CFI Group supplies processes, technologies and engineering services to the explosive, fertilizer and chemical industries. CFI Group also provides expertise in evaporation and crystallization as well as air and water treatment connected to those industries.

                                    ANNOUNCEMENT / MEDIA RELEASE
SINGAPORE, June 1, 2015 – CFI Group announces entry into sulphuric acid business by acquisition of “GIPROHIM”.

CFI holding Pte. Ltd. (“CFIh”) announced today that it acquired LLC “GIPROHIM” of the Russian Federation on April 15, 2015.

LLC “GIPROHIM” is a Russian market-leading company created in 1931 providing licences, technologies, engineering services, equipment supply and all connected services for the design of any type of sulphuric acid plant (from solid sulphur or from gases or residue containing sulphur), mainly in Russia and CIS countries.

The acquisition of LLC “GIPROHIM” will allow CFIh to reinforce its position as a supplier of process and technologies to the fertilizer and chemical markets of the Russian Federation and CIS countries but also to better develop the worldwide market

CFIh customers will greatly beneficiate from the combination of CFIh expertise and knowledge with those of GIPROCHIM in the field of sulphuric acid and associated technologies such as sulphur melting, SO2/SOx gas treatment, ammonium sulphate, potassium sulphate, SSP, metallic sulphates...

“This acquisition of sulphuric acid licence is in line with CFI Group strategy to dynamically enter into acid business to offer its customers an entire package from acid to final product. CFI Group has created a sulphur pole to support customer needs around valorization of sulphur and derivative compounds,” said Julien CRISPYN, CFIh Managing Director.

About CFI holding Pte. Ltd.
CFI holding Pte. Ltd., the holding company of the CFI Group, a leading global technology and engineering company founded in 2005, specialized in explosives, fertilizers, evaporation and crystallization processes as well as air treatment for chemical industry, is employing 145 people through its offices located in Singapore, France, India, Tunisia, Brazil and now in the Russian Federation. CFIh is the owner of all the technology and process licences proposed to its customers; those are under constant development by CFIh’ own research and development centre based in Tunisia.



  • “LLS “ANGARSKY AZOTNO-TUKOVY ZAVOD” (belonging to SBU AZOT) ” JSC  of Russia, has awarded to CFI Group the Basic Engineering Package, supply of key process equipment and related services for the design of 750 MTPD Low Density Ammonium Nitrate(AN) plant to be built in Angarsk (Russia).
  • “KUIBYSHEVAZOT” JSC  of Russia, has awarded to CFI Group the Basic Engineering Package and related services for the design of 1 100 MTPD  Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate(ASN)/Ammonium Nitrate(AN) granulation plant in Togliatti (Russia). CFI Group' scope of services include AN neutralization and concentration by evaporation, ASN or AN granulation and process condensate treatment. The ASN/AN synthesis granulation plant is expected to be commissioned in 2015.
  • NITRATOS AUSTIN S.A. (“NASA”) of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has awarded to CFI Group the supply of process equipment, technical documentation and related services for 257 MTPD Low Density Ammonium Nitrate(AN) plant to be constructed in Salta, Argentina.  

  • Confidential customer: The CFI Group has been awarded the Full Engineering Package, procurement services, supply of proprietary equipment and on-site services for the revamping of DAP plant to produce 800 MTPD DAP & NPK. 
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