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CFI Group provides technical audits of existing plant or complex in the scope of industrial evaluation and optimization, revamping or modernization. Our team of experts and engineers are at our customers' disposal to make an assessment of any existing unit through an on-site technical survey.

This on-site technical survey which mainly consists in a plant performance test, coupled with a full and deep plant analysis, delivers the following benefits:

         • Evaluation for implementation of new products or formulas, use of raw materials
         • Assessment of current process and plant performances
         • Understanding of operating modes and maintenance practices of the unit
         • Identification of existing problems [process, technical & mechanical issues,bottlenecks]
         • Safety and environmental review of operations and equipment against latest practices

Following the on-site survey, the typical report may include:

         • Process and technical recommendations
         • Options to increase capacity and/or improve product quality
         • Optimization of current production or formulas and use of raw materials
         • Process description with relevant engineering solutions
         • Optimization strategies
         • List of problems and proposed solutions
         • Environmental improvement opportunities
         • Safety improvement opportunities

In addition to the technical report. a preliminary cost estimate and connected schedule for implementation of modifications are incorporated, allowing our customer to determine whether the recommendations and solutions can be further developed in a cost effective manner.


A feasibility study is an important phase in the development of a project. It may concern a fully new plant or complex as well as the revamping of an existing plant or complex.

In performing such engineering work, CFI Group experts and engineers focus on the analysis of the project, the specific technical issues and study the available process and technical solutions, their possible implementation time and cost wise, in accordance with the customer's basis of design, the local constraints (legal, environmental) and the expected schedule of the project.

The main tasks of a feasibility study are:

         • Establishing the basis of the project and its technical requirements;
         • Defining how practical a technical solution is;
         • Recommending realization alternatives;
         • Determining the availability of the technical resources and know-how;
         • Estimating the project schedule and cost;

with the goal to assess whether the project development is technically feasible or not.

The typical report may include the following elements:

         • Industrial and process description
         • Industrial and process flow sheet
         • Process safety and environmental considerations
         • List of equipment and main block dimensions
         • Raw materials specifications
         • Estimated consumptlons of raw materials and utilities
         • Strategy and operation of raw material reception and storage
         • Product Quality
         • Preliminary lay-out and plot plan
         • Preliminary industrial management organization
         • Human resources plan and organization
         • Preliminary maintenance management organization
         • Preliminary settlements of logistics organization
         • Project implementation time
         • Impact study
         • Cost estimate 

At the customer's request, CFI Group can also:

         • Conduct a financial feasibility of the project
         • Propose various financing options
         • Submit a proposal for Licence technology, process and Full Engineering Package (basic and detailed)
         • Bring partners to the project



CFI Group develops engineering and industrial projects in the following fields of activity :
         • Explosives
         • Fertilizers
         • Evaporation/crystallization processes
         • Air and water treatment in the above areas

CFI Group implements customers' projects through its own licences and proprietary technologies based on the knowledge and know-how of its highly skilled experts and engineers.

CFI Group is very flexible and can participate in a project via any route:

        • EPC or LSTK: project led by a partner; licence, process, technology, engineering and connected services provided by CFI Group.
        • EPCM: all activities led by CFI Group; equipment and bulk items directly purchased by the Customer; construction made by    another company selected by the Customer under the guidance of CFI Group.
        • Licence, process, technology, engineering and connected services: CFI Group is directly contracted by the Customer for one or several of these activities.

For all these activities, CFI Group provides the best quality services which are detailed in Figure 1 below.
                                                         Fig.1   SERVICES FOR PROJECT   



CFI Group has its own way of developing the engineering, based on its own knowledge to reach the issued for construction drawings. Such a sequence is given in the figure 2 below.

                                                                    Fig.2   PROJECT EXECUTION PHASES

To ensure the quality and efficiency of its engineering design, CFI Group uses the most recent and performing IT tools as, for instance:

         • SysCAD for process simulation
         • In-house process software’s
         • HTFS TEAMS and HTFS TASC for mechanical and thermal design of heat exchangers
         • CATIA, SolidWorks, PV-Elite for mechanical equipment design
         • CADWORK PIDs for instrumentation and intelligent PlDs
         • CAESAR for piping stress analysis, AutoCAD for mechanical design and drawings
         • CadWorks/EngWorks for 3D modeling
         • STAAD.Pro and TEKLA for civil and structural design and many others...

All engineering activities are supervised and the resulting documentation is checked by CFt Group experts who mostly come from the industry and have a practical and industrial background.


With extensive experience in the explosives, fertilizers and chemicals fields, CFI Group has the willingness to continuously innovate and develop new technologies in order to offer to the market the most advanced processes.

For such purpose CFI Group has settled a R&D centre in Tunisia, where its Pilot Plant, Laboratory, Documentation and Training Center have been installed.


With an available area of 800 m2 where process modules and skids can be installed and connected together by an 8 m height bridge crane, various process units will be able to operate at semi-industrial scale for easy and safe scale-up.

The main process modules will mainly include but not limited to:

         • Synthesis section with reactors starting from acids (nitric, phosphoric or sulphuric) with ammonia or rocks
         • Superphosphate den for SSP or TSP evaluation
         • Evaporation section
         • Crystallization section
         • Granulation section ancl all mechanical processes such as drying, grinding, crushing, screening, cooling, coating and packing
         • Scrubbing, air and water treatments


In order to test raw materials and evaluate resulting products qualities, a 100 m2 fully equipped laboratory is part of the facilities.

This laboratory will be used for process parameter validation, chemical and physical analysis of raw materials and final products. Moreover, the laboratory will be also qualified to perform :

         • Phosphate rock analysis and evaluation for phosphoric acid production
         • Phosphate rock analysis and evaluation for nitrophosphate production
         • Phosphate rock analysis and evaluation for SSP or TSP production
         • Evaporation and crystallization process evaluation
         • LDAN and technical nitrates analysis
         • Fertilizer analysis and product quality control
         • Preliminary tests for process evaluation