CFI Holding

On-Site Assistance

Commissioning is the methodical approach to ensure that all operational components of a project (like design, construction, installation, implementation, etc.) are functioning as they ought to be.

It aims to inspect, document, and verify that a project’s progress is at par with the customer’s requirements and specifications. Commissioning also provides the opportunity to proactively correct any oversights in the projects, thus, avoiding costly modifications at a later time. Commissioning may be undertaken on equipment or sections of plant as they become available.

CFI Group strength lies in the large group of experts, who has extensive experience in commissioning and plant operations.  CFI Group deputes experts to be present at site during commissioning, thus helping stabilize the plant operations in the fastest possible time. During start-up operations, CFI Group´s experienced personnel shall provide full support to client in order to ensure the smooth start-up of the plant helping to solve any possible situation thanks to their experience and skills.

CFI Group experts present at the site also provides all the necessary training to the future plant operators in order to make them aware of the technology applied and plant characteristics. The curriculum of the training course contains theoretical study material and practical training of how to operate the plant including plant start-up and shut down. A report is given with appreciation of the plant operators’ competences.