CFI Holding

Plant Audit

CFI Group provides technical audits of existing plant or complex in the scope of industrial evaluation and optimization, revamping and modernization. CFI Group’s team of experts have extensive experience to conduct comprehensive plant audit through plant technical information analysis, on-site survey, technical calculations and report on the potential operation improvements and process optimization for the plant.

This plant audit, which mainly consists a plant performance tests, coupled with an analysis, deliver the following benefit:

  • evaluation and implementation of new products or formulas, use of new raw materials,
  • assessment of current process and plant performances,
  • understanding of operating modes and maintenance practices of the plant,
  • identification of existing problems and bottlenecks,
  • safety and environmental review of operations and equipment.

Following the survey and audit, the typical report may include:

  • process and technical recommendations,
  • options to increase capacity and/or improve product quality,
  • optimization of current production or formulas and use of raw materials,
  • optimization strategies,
  • de-bottlenecking,
  • list of problems and proposed solutions,
  • environmental and safety improvement opportunities.

In addition to the technical report, a preliminary cost estimate and connected project schedule for implementation of modifications are incorporated, allowing client to determine whether recommendations and solutions can be further developed in a cost-effective manner.