CFI Holding

Plant Revamping

Any production plant suffers wear & tear over years, and at the same time, the demands placed on the production plants change from the requirement of increasing production capacities, change is raw materials and change final product as required by the market. CFI Group has experience to support the customer in the field of revamping, modernization and renovation.

CFI Group can provide solutions to modernize the running plants to become up-to-date with a view to:

  • augment production capacities of the plant,
  • ensure higher plant availability,
  • optimize the plants for new raw materials,
  • produce new products,
  • reduce energy consumption,
  • meet environmental standards.

Stricter environment norms in some countries has made some older plants unable to continue these productions and stay unused. CFI Group can support the customer in order to valorize unused / idle plants through revamping and/or relocation. CFI Group has experience to conduct technical assessment on the unused / idle plants to check the viability of using the plant through revamping, and help the client to fix up capacity of the plant and identify the areas of concern related to the revamping / relocation of such plants.

In addition to the technical report, a preliminary cost estimate and connected project schedule for implementation of modifications are incorporated, allowing client to determine whether recommendations and solutions can be further developed in a cost-effective manner.