CFI Holding

Project Execution

EPC or LSTK: project led by a partner; license, process, technology, engineering and connected services provided by CFI Group.

EPCM: all activities are led by CFI Group; equipment and bulk items directly purchased by the customer; construction made by another company selected by the customer under the guidance of CFI Group.

License, process, technology, engineering and connected services: CFI Group is directly connected by customer for one or several of these activities.

CFI Group owns the process license, knowhow and technology of Ammonium Nitrate and derivatives, Nitrophosphate, straight and compound fertilizers.  Find all these products below:





Compound fertilizer
using N, P and K

CFI Group’s extensive experience provides insights into the potential issues and difficulties of a project. The core strength of CFI Group lies in its pool of Experts, having great experience in design, engineering, management, operation, trouble shooting of various plants in the chemicals, explosives & fertilizer areas, who have the expertise and commitment to overcome all technical challenges and prepare projects of any size, anywhere.

CFI Group implements its own licenses and proprietary technologies through supply of Full Engineering Package (FEP), which is the combination of Basic Engineering Package (BEP) and Detailed Engineering Package (DEP). The Basic Engineering Package (BEP) is designed so that all important engineering & technology information can efficiently and successfully be transferred to Clients; and the Detailed Engineering Package (DEP) is planned for the steps to be performed as necessary to allow procurement, construction, commissioning and operation of the plant.

Basic Engineering Package

Some of the major documents in Basic Engineering Package are

  • Basis Of Design (BOD)
  • Process description
  • Process & Utility Flow Diagrams (PFD)
  • Mass & energy balance for process & utilities
  • Process & Instruments Diagrams (PID)
  • Process data sheets for equipment
  • Plant layouts
  • Electrical drive list
  • Instrumentation list with operating conditions

Detailed Engineering Package​

Some of the major documents in Detailed Engineering Package are

  • Detailed Process & Instruments Diagrams (PID)
  • Mechanical data sheets for equipment
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Plant operating manual
  • Plant safety requirement specifications
  • Equipment load lists
  • Equipment GADs
  • Piping layouts
  • Piping isometrics
  • Piping stress analysis
  • Electrical single line diagrams
  • Motor list, specifications & data sheets
  • Electrical layouts
  • Instrumentations specifications & datasheets
  • Instrumentation layouts
  • 3D modelling
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

Project Management

Major activities in Project Management includes

  • Develop Project strategy and schedules, establish monitoring system, reporting system, quality control system and Project information system.
  • Develop overall Project execution philosophy and Project coordination procedures.
  • Establish procedures covering mechanical completion, precommissioning, commissioning, startup and performance test run of various units and their taking over from respective agencies.
  • Maintain Project procedures through regular review / updating / amendment.
  • Preparation of an overall Project schedule, network, identifying critical path, milestones, priority activities and target dates for completion.
  • Updating the master schedule as and when necessary.
  • Hold regular Project review meetings with OWNER, contractors and critical vendors, coordination with other vendors / works contractors.
  • Review, approve and monitor detailed schedules of contractors & vendors.
  • Establish formal lines of communication with OWNER, vendors, contractors and CFIh.
  • Quality control

Procurement Assistance

Major activities in Procurement Assistance includes

  • Issue of enquiry to approved vendors, evaluation of bids, recommendation and preparation of draft LOI/PO for items purchased by customer;
  • Expedite vendors for timely deliveries and prepare plans for remedial actions in case of any delay foreseen in delivery of equipment / material;
  • Review and approve the Quality Assurance and Control procedures proposed for the Project;
  • Ensure that the inspection and quality assurance programs are being followed and that proper documentation is provided for all equipment and bulk materials;
  • Monitoring of fabrication of equipment and materials;
  • Arrange customs clearance and transportation of materials to site through contractors;
  • Ensure that an accurate and traceable listing in the procurement records for the location, quality, and character of all permanent materials in the Project is being maintained;
  • Coordination with all transporters for shipping / transporting of equipment / material to site from vendor’s works wherever supplies are based on FOB / Exworks basis.