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The conditioning represent the drying and cooling of a solid product without damaging it. In most of the cases, air is used as drying or colling medium.


Drum dryer and cooler is possibly the most common ways of conditioning of crystals, prills and granules. It is used to condition the material it is handling by bringing it into contact with air – for dryer hot air; for cooler conditioned air. The drum is a rotating cylindrical equipment in which the material moves through the drum with help of lifters and progress to the discharge end under the influence of gravity.

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FBC, uses the fluidization principle for cooling solid particles, is a very effective way of cooling of prills and granules. Solid particle can be quickly cooled down in FBC as maximum surface of the material is exposed to colder environment. The fluidization takes place in the FBC through a distributor plate which has a number of passages for the conditioned air to flow.

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It is a combination of drum dryer and FBC. This system allows air from fluidized bed cooler to be recirculated to dryer. The advantages of this arrangement is that it improve the energy efficiency of the system and less air released through stack.

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