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Air & liquid treatment

Today, environmental norms are guiding the way of operating industries. CFIh technology can comply with all the norms around the world for the release of air and condensates.


A scrubber is a device in which acidic water is sprayed on dusty air to catch ammonia fume and dissolve as much as possible solid dust.

Depending on the impurities (ammonia, silicates, sulfur, etc.) the washing solution and the number of scrubbers may change.

There are many types of scrubbers like venturi, packed bed, spray towers etc.

Treated with scrubbers



In all the plants where process steam is created, process condensates are released. CFIh technology allow the treatment of these condensates through evaporators. The clean condensates are released in the environment, the concentrated solution is recycled in the process.

Number of effects of PCTU depends on the quantity of process condensates to treat and on the price of the available steam on-site.

Treated with PCTU