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Neutralization / Reaction

The main reactions occurring in a fertilizer plant are the neutralizations of ammonia with acids (nitric acid, phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid). The acids can react with ores such as magnesium carbonate or calcium carbonate.


Pressurized neutralizer process is used for ammonium nitrate (AN) only. The pressurized neutralizer operates at high pressure. Reaction takes place at the contact between ammonia and nitric acid, and all along the thermo-siphon created by the reaction itself. Generated process steam shall be used as a heating medium thus making the process energy efficient.

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The atmospheric neutralizer, which operates at atmospheric pressure, is used for ammonium nitrate (AN). Ammonium nitrate is produced by the chemical reaction between ammonia and nitric acid. Ammonia and nitric acid are mixed together in the atmospheric neutralizer by a sparger system, located in the bottom of the vessel. The vapors generated have to be cleaned in a scrubber.

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Atmospheric Reactor is a mixing tank used in the production of fertilizers in liquid form. The pressure inside the tank is at atmospheric level, usually at a slightly negative pressure. The slurry inside the tank contains slurry in varying concentrations. There is provision of installing agitator for proper mixing of slurry. The vapors may be extracted through the vents and have to be cleaned in a scrubber.

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The pipe reactor is an acid-base reaction vessel used in the production of inorganic compounds. The residence time is short. Due to the smaller size compared of other reactors, pipe reactor can be used for in-situ reaction directly feeding a granulator.

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RMAG (2 x 1 100 MTPD NPK; 900 MTPD AS)

ELIXIR ZORKA – MINERALNA Đubriva (800 to 1 300 MTPD AS and NPK)